Bachelor Party: Hire Topless Waitresses & Strippers in Melbourne

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Bachelor Party Entertainment: Plan a Poker Night Complete with Topless Waitresses or Strippers in Melbourne

It’s an honour when you’re chosen as your friend’s best man – but it’s also an important responsibility. One of the things you’ll need to do is plan the groom’s bachelor party. These are his last days as wild, single, and free, so you’ll want to make the party a good one! A “poker night” theme is a great way to organise a buck’s party that’s unforgettable and safe. Here are some tips for making it a night to remember.

Make It More than a Regular Poker Night

There are some elements of a classic poker night that you’ll want to make sure you have on hand – for example, the iconic poker table with all its compartments is a must. However, be sure to sidestep the mundane by adding a playful touch. Perhaps you could be creative with the overall design of the table; think extras like cup holders for beer or premium tobaccos and ashtrays. Of course, girls are a must, so consider hiring some topless bachelor party waitresses in Melbourne for a night your friends won’t forget anytime soon.

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Hire a Dealer

A female poker dealer can keep your bachelor party from turning into a sausage fest. Between your female dealer and your topless waitresses, you should have enough of a feminine touch to make the evening as much fun as it should be. Make sure your dealer is a real poker dealer so that you can leave the work to the pros and relax with your friends and enjoy the entertainment. Bar Babes can also help you with a free venue room for your poker party in the Melbourne CBD.

Don’t Overlook Invitations

You may be so busy planning your poker night that you forget to invite anyone. A couple of weeks before the event, send out invitations to all guests by text, email, or in person. Two weeks should be enough time for your guests to respond with a yes or no and leaves enough time for you to plan food and accommodation for the right number of guests.

Plan Food

You can have the best bachelor party entertainment in Melbourne, but if your guests are starving, it’s not going to be very much fun. When you’ve confirmed the number of guests, the next step is to plan the food. Depending on the number of guests, you and your mates might go through more food than you would believe in a matter of hours. Plan plenty of meat, and think about food that will look great later in photos: steak, prime rib, vegetables, and Basmati rice, for instance. Also, have a good selection of wine and beer on hand to please even the pickiest drinkers.

Where to Hire Bachelor Party Strippers in Melbourne

Ready to start planning a night of bachelor party poker in Melbourne? Bar Babes is a Melbourne-based adult entertainment agency serving Melbourne and Country Victoria. We offer plenty of female entertainment options including strippers, topless waitresses, topless poker dealers, and more – give us a call and see how easy and fun it can be to plan a buck’s night!