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Think hiring a private entertainer for a hot strip show in Melbourne is too expensive? Think again. The reality is that if you’re getting together with the guys for a buck’s party or just a fun night, you can end up with quite a hefty bill when you consider all the extra costs related to taking the group out to a strip club. Here are some of the ways you’ll save money when you book your own female strip show in your Melbourne home (or your location of choice).

Parking: Before you even go inside, you’ll likely have to pay parking fees at a strip club. Many strip clubs charge customers to park in their lots, so expect to shell out money just for a place to keep your car while you’re inside. Not to mention the fact that, should you indulge a little more than you should, you’ll have to pay for a safe ride home.

Entrance fee You’re going to have to pay an entrance fee or cover charge if you want to see quality female strippers perform in a club. Depending on the night, this fee can be a significant amount per person, and you might even have to spend time waiting outside if the place is crowded. If you plan a private party instead, there’s no entrance fee, no parking fee, and no waiting in the cold to get in.

Adult beverages Alcoholic beverages tend to be overpriced in pretty much any restaurant, bar, or club. Ordering drinks in a crowded bar can also waste a lot of time that you could be relaxing and enjoying your party. Plan a private party, and you and all your guests can drink more for far less money.

Where to Book a Private Strip Show in Melbourne

Hiring strippers for your next party will give you and your guests a much more personal experience than any club can provide. Make the night unforgettable by hiring female strippers for you and your friends to enjoy. Bar Babes has been providing hot, sexy strippers for over ten years and has come to be known as reputable, reliable, and easy to work with. Take your fun up a notch by hiring one of our lesbian doubles! An irresistible lesbian strip show in Melbourne will give your friends the night of their dreams.

You can book a show for your place, a venue of your choice or speak to Bar Babes and arrange free venue room hire or choose a more adventurous option and book a chartered cruise or fishing charter with our help. Our professional team can help create a memorable experience.

Instead of throwing away your cash at a strip club, contact Bar Babes and make your bucks night even more memorable. We pride ourselves on providing glamorous, professional, sensual service to every client. From strippers to topless waitresses and topless poker dealers, we’ve got everything you need to plan an amazing party for your friends or colleagues. Contact Bar Babes today to see how easy and fun planning a party can be.