Shows Performed…


G String Show (Approx 12-15 Mins)
– Leaving a little to the imagination! A great show for 18th, 21st Birthday’s or mixed crowds.

Raunchy Show
– A great show to get the party started! A Full Nude, open leg show using oils and moisturisers. G String can be left on if requested. (Approx 15 minutes)

Bubblebath Show
– Our sexy showgirl will erotically sponge herself down in a bath provided by herself and get the buck to assist also. (Approx 18 minutes)

Strawberries and Cream Show
– The buck will get to eat whipped cream and strawberries off the performers body like a dessert platter! (Approx 20 minutes)

Raunchy with the lot Show
– Value packed! Three show types in one. Consisting of a Raunchy, Bubblebath and Strawberries and Cream Show (Approx 20/25 minutes)


Hot Vibe Show
– Bucks party speciality! Insertion of vibrators and dildo’s and lollypops too! (Approx 25-30 minutes)

Hot Vibe/Bubblebath Show
– A combination of a Hot Vibe Show ending with a bubblebath performance! (35-40 minutes)

Fruit and Veg Show
– If you love your fruit and vegies, this show is for you! Carrots, Parsnips, Cucumbers and standard rubber dongs all inserted. A very funny and entertaining show! (25-30 minutes)

Strap On Dildo Show
– Dildo and vibe inserton including a strap-on that the buck will wear and insert into the performer! Performed by Carly and Indiana. (Approx 30 minutes)

Golden Shower Show
– After this HOT performance, let our sexy and sensual stripper cool you down! Very entertaining show and not messy. Performed by Carly (Approx 30 minutes)

Back Door Bandits Show
– Vibrators put in all the right or should that be tight spots. Performed by Carly. (Approx 25-30 Minutes)

Orgasm Show
– Unique show involving vibrators as well, the guys go wild over Carly and rate her show very highly. (Approx 25-30 minutes)

Fisting Show
– A mind blowing performance including dildo and vibrator insertion ending in the performer fisting herself! Wow what a talent! Performed by Indiana. (25-30 minutes)

Fists and Straps Show
– A three in one combo performed by the talented Indiana. Show includes – Dildo and lollipop insertion, Strap on dildo show (worn and inserted by the buck) followed by her fisting herself! (Approx 30 minutes)

Anal with the lot show
– 45 minutes of hardcore entertainment, including anal/vagina vibrator insertion, strap on dildo show (worn by the buck), fruit and veg show, orgasm show and a golden shower show to cool your buck down at the end! Performed by Carly.

Double Pentration Show
РOne toy is not enough!. Watch as a sexy babe gets the most out of her toys, and plugs both her holes in this sensational double-penetration show. An essential show for any Bucks Night. Performed by  Carly.
(Approx 25-30 minutes)

Simulated Lesbian Double Show
– An entertaining Lesbian duo without vibe or toy insertion. Lots of petting, kissing, licking etc. (Approx 25-30 minutes)

Lesbian Double with vibe Show
– Double ender dildo penetration, kissing and licking action, single dildo insertion. Lots of three way interaction with the buck or special boy! (Approx 25-30 minutes)

Lesbian Double with vibe and strap on Show
– Lollipop and Dildo penetration, Double ender dildo penetration plus a strap on dildo show (25-30 minutes)

Triple Lesbian Double Show
– A threeway lesbian trio with double enders, single dildo penetration and three way kissing and licking action. (25-30 minutes)Performed by Josie, Jasmine.B & Simone.

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